New Beginnings — We're 2!

New Beginnings — We're 2!

Hi everyone, it's Christel here.

I'm the co-founder and owner of flö Jagua. Did you know that today we turn 2? 

I wrote this blog post as an update to you, artists and readers, of what comes next for us at flö Jagua. Before I go into that, let me take you back into a little bit of our history. 

For many that have been with us since the beginning, you'd know that we've been around for over 5 years, first inking as the Jagua ink collective, Out & Ink, at various events throughout Singapore. 

On 19th August 2020, Jesstine and I started flö Jagua as a pivot from inking at events (due to the pandemic) and selling Jagua ink exclusively online instead, when our artist friends told us they still wanted to continue inking their friends and customers. Two years later, we've sold close to 300 bottles of Jagua ink in Singapore alone (mostly through word-of-mouth!). 

It has been heartening to see Jagua art continue to catch the attention of many over the years. A niche, but steadily growing industry that centers around artistic creation and transcending the limitations of traditional tattoos, of permanence, of social status, of religion, and of the self-imposed barriers in the way we view ourselves.

You and I, we're ever-changing you see. We're different people throughout all our seasons; and I believe that however we should choose to express it, like the art we wear on our bodies, can and should reflect that. 

This is why I still believe in the magic of Jagua, and I'm still here today.


As with every period of change, we see the birth of new beginnings. 

The biggest update is moving our operations from Singapore to Bali, Indonesia (a.k.a. The Island of Gods). You've probably already seen that we have a new website, and that we've opened up a studio in Canggu, Bali to take ink appointments at. 

We're also developing our own in-house Jagua ink formula (one that we'll have greater control over), and renewing our vision to work on artist development and supply fresh Jagua ink to artists in the region of Southeast Asia.

Last but not least, our co-founder, Jesstine, who's been with us since the very beginning — is stepping away from flö to pursue other brighter things life has planned for her. Though, you might still catch her inking as an artist from time to time.

Thank you to all our artists, collaborators and fellow enthusiasts who's been part of our journey thus far. We can't wait to see what the future holds next! 

Yours Truly, 
Christel Gan
Co-founder & Owner, flö Jagua

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