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Ever wanted to try out a tattoo, but without the commitment? Do you have an idea or design in mind and want an experienced artist to ink it for you?

State of flö is Bali's first natural temporary body art studio, where you can get temporarily inked with our signature Jagua ink, purchase our products, and even learn how to ink on your own.

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Made fresh for artists.

Artisan-grade Jagua ink for temporary body art. Crafted with fresh Jagua juice from South America and other natural botanicals.

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  • Made 100% fresh.

    Our ink is made with Jagua juice sourced directly from South America.
    To guarantee freshness and lasting stains, we make and test all our ink ourselves in small batches.

  • Skin-friendly, Pain-free.

    We only use natural botanicals and essential oils in our formulation, making a skin-safe ink that directly stains the epidermis without the use of any needles.

  • Lasts up to 2 weeks.

    When developed, Jagua stains a dark blue colour that resembles a real tattoo, but lasts only 2 weeks, making it great for tattoo test drives.

Our Story: 5 years in the making.

Following our stint as Out & Ink, a Jagua artist collective inking in Singapore's event scene from 2017–2020, flö Jagua was founded to provide a safe and accessible platform for artists and individuals to express themselves through body art without limitation.

Since being in the Jagua scene for over 5 years, we've seen how Jagua art sparks conversations and brings people from all walks of life together. We've seen how quickly it can become a tool for self-empowerment, transforming the way we view ourselves, our bodies, and the people around us.

On 19th August 2022, we launched our in-house ink formulation and State of flö, Bali's first natural temporary body art studio, as a cozy haven where people can come get inked by artists, purchase our products and learn how to ink.